Guide to Promote Cultural Diversity Awareness

Respecting Cultural Diversity

Can cultural diversity awareness be applied in schools and in your home or community? Think about how individuals affect their environment and the people around them. As a teacher for more than five years, I can tell you with certainty: philosophical questions are applicable in today’s school. You can even learn more about it at As a teacher of special needs students, I see teachers and students and their individualism. Especially when teaching independently, all students are different. When you get into the culture, you get a good mix of values and unique perspectives.

Respecting Cultural Diversity

Reasons Why You Should Promote the Diversity Awareness

In my opinion, people’s culture and values also shape the faculty themselves. For example, when I taught at the university, my students had different values. Sometimes they struggled or held the bad and the good, depending on their value. I had to have many conversations with students who saw cultural value.

It is difficult for students to understand that there can be more than one right way to do things. For example, in 2016 I had a class of about 12 students. One of the students wanted to be the center of attention and tell a great story. On the other hand, I had another student who was very quiet and barely spoke. The next student was singled out because he could not keep up with the collaborative learning that the rest of the class was doing. The rest of the class saw the student as different, as an outcast. In our society today, being different is seen as bad or unnatural.

Sooner or later, the student came out of her shell and became a little more outgoing. I find it sad that students and people pick on others who are different from them. The problem wasn’t her, it was that the standards required a lot of talking together. The standards in the classroom were a reflection of the students involved.

The Importance of Encouraging Others of Diversity

Respecting Cultural DiversityA person must make sure that all students feel comfortable and honored in the school and the world around them. Each year, after welcoming a new group of sixth grade students, we begin to introduce ourselves. In this way, my classes understand that each student is unique and has their own habits, history, and abilities. No two people are the same.

I prefer to teach my students to inspire others in their endeavors and to treat them as they would like to be treated. Because of this, I believe I am an advocate for promoting and sharing culture and education. When others are kind and respectful to you, don’t you feel obligated to show those around you the exact same appreciation? Let’s look at some ways to promote awareness of culture and diversity.

Ways to Promote Diversity Awareness in Your Classroom

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to encourage our children about the diversity awareness. Here are some simple ways to promote it in your classroom or your home if you are a parent:

  1. Make sure you recognize and view differences as valuable. Just because Amy’s picture of a flower looks different than Estaban’s doesn’t mean one is much better than the other.
  2. Encourage inventive expression. Challenge students to creatively express their particular point of view, whether through painting, drawing, composition, or other modes of expression.
  3. Encourage students to communicate. Make positive comments and talk about the things about the presentation/shared element that they liked or didn’t like.
  4. This helps children understand that there is not just one right way to do things and that there is more than one way to draw a pony.
  5. Whether or not the parties are observed, it is important for students/children to understand that not everyone is present. They should see that women and men celebrate certain holidays in their own way.


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